Saturday, September 12, 2009

More screenings!

hey guys, sorry for the inactivity, i've been totally swamped on projects lately that i've completely neglected this blog. please check out:

:for awesomeness.

anyways, the short film i made has been getting into some festivals and doing pretty well! i won the bloody cow award (awesome, right?) at muuuvi fest in romania, and best animation on bornholm island, denmark, at bornshorts. i'm way stoked and way mad i could not have afforded either of those far off locales.

there's more! if you're around, here's some festivals that are in the works!

KLIK!, sept 17th -20th in amsterdam. this is honetly the coolest lineup of films ever in the history of the world. i would not lie to you.

FANTASTIC FEST, sept 24-oct 1st at the alamo draft house in austin, tx. i'm pissed i can't go to this. if you're in texas, you're crazy if you don't spend at least a day at this.

ANIMADRID, in madrid, spain from sept 24th to oct 2nd. i won't be at this so please enjoy some empanadas and movies there for me.

WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL, sept 30th-oct 4th in woodstock, ny. i'll be there looking at some natury stuff.

CONEY ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL, Oct 2nd-4th in my current town of living! come out and we can eat corn dogs together!

OTTAWA ANIMATION FESTIVAL, Oct 14th-18th in sunny canadia. show up there and we can grab some poutine together. that sounds dirty, but it's cheese curds and gravy over fries. canadians are weird.

HORROR AND SCI-FI FEST, oct 15th -18th, in tempe, az. if you go you can crash at my brother's place with his girlfriend and dogs. he's cool, he'll like you.

GRANADA INTERNATIONAL YOUNG FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL, oct 24th-31st in, you guessed it, granada, spain! i don't know too much about this one because the website doesn't have much english on it, but still way stoked!

anyway, that's all for now! hope you can go to one of these, they're all really way cool. here's a picture i did of a skateboard boy flying off a ramp: