Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phoenix airport

If you can't tell, I'm really trying to post a lot more lately to keep myself working on different things. That's why I'm trying to work with color and textures in more recent pictures, which I'll try to post more of soon. I'm somewhat new to textures these days, so if this is too much, let me know! This one was when I was waiting for a plane in the Phoenix airport for 3 hours, because of inclement weather in Denver. Seems like every time I travel I get stuck somewhere, but I'm getting used to pulling out my sketchbook at these times, and kind of starting to enjoy this forced people-drawing time.


Czina said...

this picture is great.

i am always affraid to draw someone at public. (my mum was once nearly punched for that reason). i draw especialy on our thetare rehearsals. bud still...

i like your coloring and i wish to know this by myself... i am just a begginer in this.

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb