Wednesday, March 4, 2009

luckily, i can't really draw

here are some screenshots for my thesis. i'm putting these particular images up because these were some of the most unmistakably bad inbetweens in the current section of my thesis in production. regardless of how unreadable they are as for what's actually going on, they all made me very happy that they made it into my film. bad drawings really are so much more ambiguous and fun than good drawings ever could be.

(as a sidenote, the fourth drawing isn't even mine, it's by the wonderfully talented kat, who's doing her own brand of great bad drawings in my thesis. with her helping, it's going to be sooooo good. i'm way excited.)


Laura said...

Cool! Interesting to look at, I wondered how animators were able to handle everything at once..

The last one looks like a bloody nose.. I know it isn't, it should've felt like one..

Joe said...

Did you draw each frame in photoshop or flash?

jake armstrong said...

its was all flash. for some reason i can't draw in photoshop at all.

Joe said...

Ah, makes sense. I do motion graphics and decided to try doing a real cartoon. I'm using flash but using a more traditional approach. I'm drawing each frame and using the motion/shape tween as little as possible. I might be wrong, but it looks like you did the same thing.

You guys did an amazing job!

jake armstrong said...

thanks joe!

yeah we did the exact same thing on this. totally hand-drawn and using tweening for things like camera moves mostly. good luck on the cartoon!