Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's been a while

here's my second attempt at painting with ink. the only thing that i really don't like about it is that the dude ended up looking a lot less serious, and more regal than anything. and i don't really care much for regal looks. but here it is, it still looks okay to me the next day.

also i'm going to try to post more, promise. i have a lot of stuff backed up from the prior months that i'm going to put up intermittently.


andreas said...


I'm looking forward to a lot of stuff. Keep em coming.

Cam said...

i really like this

Strange Kid said...

Welcome back, Jake.

I agree that he does look a little smug, it may be due to the ways his eyes are slanted or the direction of his gaze. Nonetheless, its a strong piece, keep it up!

Chenny said...

very moody, i really like the colors!