Wednesday, October 27, 2010

kids are the best audience ever

My Film was recently screened in A small Festival in La Roche Sur Yon, France, and apparently the Children's Jury there decided to write me a letter telling me how much they liked my film. This is so cool dude, adults would never do this!

Dear Mister Amstrong,
we really loved your movie. When we were told that it was your first movie, we were really impressed : it looked really good! The movie is really funny, we all loved the idea of saying that the monster could be really nice! We were really moved when it was alone with all the bodies of the space invadors he would have loved to play longer with!
We really hope that you will make another movie because this one was great, and we are already looking forward to watch it!

La Roche Sur Yon's Child Jury

Original Message:

Cher Monsieur Amstrong,
nous vous écrivons pour vous dire que nous avons adoré votre film. Lorsqu'on nous a dit que c'était votre premier film, nous avons vraiment été très impressionné : il était vraiment très bien réussi! Ce film est extrêmement drôle, nous avons tous aimé cette idée d'un monstre qui serait en réalité très gentil! Nous avons été très émus lorsqu'il était seul sur la montagne des cadavres des spationautes avec qui il aurait tant voulu pouvoir jouer!
Nous espérons que vous aller faire d'autres films parce que celui-là était génial et nous sommes
pressés de le regarder!

Le Jury Adolescent du Festival International du Film de La Roche Sur Yon


JDW said...

d'awww that's pretty awesome. i'm surprised the film is still making its rounds at festivals, isnt there like a year cut-off?

jake armstrong said...

Hey thanks dude!

Some festivals do a year, but most cut off at two years. This festival though had invited my film, so they could forgo their rules if they wanted I guess. But all in all I think it's finally nearing to being done at festivals in the next month or two. It's been a fun run!