Tuesday, November 23, 2010

screenprint for sale!

hey guys, i've been figuring out how to screenprint recently with the lovely people at post expose in brooklyn, and i just finished a 13x19 4-color print. i made an edition of 40, which i'm selling if anyone's interested, for $30 (+$10 shipping, unless you're in the nyc area). also, there are about 20 more prints that are less than perfect for less $$.  to make it confusing, i used 3 different papers to test it out.  my favorite is the beige, but all of them turned out really awesome.

email me if you're interested and we can set up some kind of paypal thing and i'll get it sent out to you. thanks!


Sam Spina said...

looks awesome man! i love the transparent colors! it's a little too big for my small apartment though

bcthree said...

really nice jake really nice!

JDW said...

FUN! I did a year of screen printing back in high school, what are you using? water or other (i want to say oil but may be wrong, its been awhile) based ink? and are they hand cut or otherwise?

jake armstrong said...

hey jared,

it's all water-based Versetex inks. i don't know what you mean by hand-cut, but i drew them all on vellum before exposing the screens. i wish i had done screen printing in high school, this stuff is so much fun!

JDW said...

oh, when we did it we did two ways, one was we had to hand cut the green film stuff and it like just adhered itself. it was weird, but that used water-based ink, so like it smeared even with sweat.

but we also did the photo exposure kind, with a dark room and all that. and that used what i assume was oil based ink, cause it didnt go away with water and we needed some sort of solvent to remove the ink from the screens

... neither of which ever seemed plausible to do on my own, which is why im curious haha