Saturday, March 12, 2011

some spots and interviews

sorry to flood these things out, but this week has been loaded with the online release of three spots i worked on and two interviews.

the first interview I did on a website a while back, but since the website went defunct, it was put up with some new questions at Strange Kid's Club, called Tripping The Intergalactic Fantastic.

Next I did an interview with Asifa East a few days ago that has a picture of me with snow on it.

this is a really beautiful spot i helped my friends at Tiny Invetions do for Ralph Lauren. i did all the cute animal animation pre-watercoloring.

the next two are BBQ ads that will be projected onto buildings at SXSW for free BBQ. they're pretty gross, and were written up on Cartoon Brew. Can you spot which scenes I did?

that's it for now!


Sam Spina said...

oh man, those bbq ads are AWESOME

joelfurtado said...

Just came across your blog, your stuff is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration :)