Thursday, July 9, 2009

¡La cosa terrible de Alpha-9!

so maybe i'm being a bit vein, but i've been floored recently that i've seen so many people linking to my film and blog over the last month. while and were both so amazing as to put it up on their sites, some of my favorite links are the weirdest ones:

my film was pirated on a chinese site, complete with watermarking and advertisements! also, here it is en espanol! and the coolest one ever, i was just going through WJC's blog and found he'd drawn my spaceman. waaaaay awesome. if it was my birthday i'd consider it the best birthday present ever.

anyways, thanks so much for everyone watching! if you find any more weird links, let me know!



Haha.. I know what you mean.. Isn't it the coolest, most humbling feeling ever?!

One evening, I'd attended someone's annual company bash, held at a super-fancy IT building located in Hyderabad's famous High Tech City.. Towards the end, as I wandered about the floors, I came across a color print out of my Cartoon Network character, baby Krishna, my drawing, neatly posted at an unknown employee's empty work station..

This kind of appreciation for your work makes you just want to keep on improving :)

JDW said...

speaking of which, but not really, just thought i pass this along to you.

Believe it or not, but I know at least one of this year's short film - animated nominations was a student film (albeit from france), but I haven't fully read the details in terms of the submission process. Either way, it's something you may want to look into. ;)

jake armstrong said...

kaukab, that must've been so great to accidentally see that. it's the accidental ones that are the best compliment by far.

jdw, i was just looking at that earlier today! i'm definitely going to apply whenever they open to it. thanks!

WJC said...

Wow! Thanks for the link and high praise (i'm now feeling cool and humble). I love 'The Terrible Thing' and wanted to show it to people and I couldn't resist doing the spaceman. Looking forward to whatever you get up to next.

Kat said...

"Vain", Jake Armstrong. "Vain".

Anonymous said...

I love 'The Terrible Thing' Looking forward to whatever you get up to next.

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